Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Experiencing Zugspitze Ultra Trail from behind the Camera

 Since I couldn’t run it, I decided to take the opportunity to visit the mountains, practice my photography and cheer fellow runners on. For me, the race was great because I got to do all of those things. 

It was a lot of fun following the runners by car, rushing from checkpoint to checkpoint and then waiting on them to show up. I really enjoyed supporting my fellow athletes!

I have never done sports photography, so I wasn’t really sure how these photos were going to turn out...but I think they turned out alright!

What do you folks think?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zugsptiz 100km Again...Just no Running!

Being Realistic & Smart (is no fun):

Yeah, so the Zugspitz Ultra trail is in 10 days away! I have been looking forward to this race all year. I had so much fun last year and I couldn't wait to run it again. You can read last year's race report here on my blog. I love the organization, PlanB that puts the race on. They put on a lot of races here in Germany and they do such a great job. Unfortunately, I won't be running this time around. I'm just not ready yet. I could go out and run it and I know I would finish but it just wouldn't be my best performance and since I just had my PRP injections 6 days ago, I don't want to rush it and set my healing back even further. I hate that I'm making this decision but I know it is best.

Adapting & Finding Positives:

I've asked the race if I could volunteer instead. I told them that I was very interested in taking photos and asked them if I could for the race. They agreed and said they will issue me press pass credentials...which is pretty cool. I'm excited for the opportunity to experience the race from a different perspective than I would normally. BUT, I know I'm going to feel a little sad to see all the runners go by and not be out there with them. Actually, it's going to be a little bit like torture. But, like I told the organization...I'll be back next year and I will make the podium again! ;)

The Big Picture:

The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is my main event for the year so I'm hoping to be able to train soon for that because August 29th will be here before we know it. This will actually be my first 100 miler. If I complete UTMB , I will be a true Ultra Marathoner! I hope I heal soon and can start training for it...yikes!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

:( PRP Once Again!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

It really hurts.

Today I had my second round of PRP in my left foot and my first injection in my right foot...that's right, BOTH feet. At my request, my doctor kindly stuck both of them at the same time. That way, I would only have to recover once. Only problem is, now I can't walk. I've accidentally put a little bit of pressure on my toes and it HURTS so there is no way I'm walking yet!

I'm laying here on the couch with my feet elevated and they are throbbing. Not sure if I really thought this one through because in order to move around the house, I'm having to crawl! That's right, hands and knees on the ground crawling around like a baby.

Anyway, I'm lucky in that I got to work from home this afternoon and will get to tomorrow too. Hopefully, in a couple days I'll be able to walk but until then, resting my feet is what I'll be doing!

Wanna see the video of my procedure? Warning...if you squeamish of needles, don't watch!

I'm really thankful to my doctor for understanding my need for having both done at the same time. He and the techs did a great job once again!

Now on to RECOVERY so I can TRAIN :)