Thursday, December 22, 2016

See you later, Germany!

This week I announced that I'll be relocating with family to Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Although I'm super excited for the new adventure, I can not leave without saying a proper goodbye to Deutschland.

To the place that I've lived the longest in my adult life. The place that will always hold a special place in my heart as many life changing events have happened while living here, both good and bad. I got to travel Europe, lost my father, I became a marathoner, an ultra-marathoner, I got divorced, met a great guy and amazing friends, got pregnant with my daughter and it's the place she was born. I have so many memories here. It's a place that I love.

Germany has so much to offer. The people are caring and genuine. They don't pretend. If they ask how you are doing, they really mean it and want to know. They are also a lot of fun and love to have a good time...especially when beer is involved ;). When I first arrived in country, I wasn't sure how I would like it but, over the years I've grown to feel very much at home here. It takes some getting used to because there are  a lot of rules but, it's all the rules that make it a pleasant place to live and now I have a lot of respect and appreciate them.

Things I'm really going to miss. Germany in the Summer...A-MAZ-ING! It gets light at 4:45am and dark at 10pm. The days are beautiful when the sun is out, flowers everywhere, perfect's heavenly. I loved sitting outside on a summer evening, the sun still up, wrapped in a fleece or blanket, talking with friends on the patio then realizing at 10:45pm that it was time to go to bed. The sky would still have a glimpse of light making it easy to forget the time. The trails. I've never seen such a continuous network of trails like there are here. You can literally run/ride from France to Berlin (or even further) on trails. It's really something.  I'm going to miss being able to drive to the Alps. I'm going to miss running in the Alps and racing in Europe. I'm going to miss beirgartens and hanging out at them after a long run or ride. I'm going to miss the Weinstrasse in the springtime and hanging out at the weinfests, summerfests and every other fest. I'm going to miss EVERYTHING being closed for business on Sunday...ha ha, no I'm not...just wanted to see if you were paying attention!  I'm going to miss hanging out at Christmas markets and drinking Gluhwein with friends. I'm going to miss my friends, Germans, Belgians, Spaniards, Austrians, Finnish, Icelandic, English and Americans...just know, you can always come visit us in the Springs. 

Germany is a beautiful country. My time here was beautiful.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My 2017 Racing Schedule!

As the 2016 racing season comes to an end for me I'm looking forward to 2017. I feel like this is going to be a great year... I'm in pretty good shape, I didn't over train this year or race too much so I'm fresh and more importantly I'm motivated!
UltraTrail Barcelona  - March 25th 2017

Transvulcania - May 13th 2017

Lavaredo UT - June 23rd 2017

CCC or TDS (depending on the lottery) - August 30th/September 1st 2017



Monday, October 31, 2016

Tailwind Trailblazer - Germany

I feel so happy and honored! I get to share a product that I believe in 100%, Tailwind Nutrition. How wonderful is that?!

My Experience:
I have been using it for my nutrition for the past 3 1/2 years now and I absolutely love it. It really is amazing stuff. Here’s what I’ve experienced using it.

It keeps me going out on the trail without ever feeling like I’ve hit a “wall”. It doesn’t matter if it is 4 hours, 15 hours or 41 hours…(yes, I’ve been out on the trail for 41 hours). I no longer "crash" or feel like I've lost my motivation. If I stay on top of hydrating during a race, I continue to feel strong throughout...I can keep moving!

This stuff prevents me from having to deal with exertional rhabdomyolysis. This used to happen when I would go out for an extended period and even though I would use gels and at the time a different hydration supplement, I would start to feel pain in my kidneys followed by my urine being coca cola colored. Ever since using Tailwind, this doesn’t happen.

When I drink it, it doesn’t make my stomach upset! I don't feel queasy or heavy or like I'm forcing myself to drink it because I know my body needs the nutrition. I can literally drink it all day or for a whole race and my stomach will feel great. That also didn’t used to happen (when using other products). It is so smooth and drinkable…. probably because it’s made with 100% natural ingredients!

Why I'm Sharing:
I could really go on and on about Tailwind but it is better for people to just try it out for themselves. That’s why I’m going to share it with others. I especially want to focus sharing it with people here in Germany and Europe since until now, it has not been available.
So please let me know if you would like to try it out and I’ll get some over to you...I have a lot of samples that I want to share! I am certain that once you try it, you will love it!

Where to Get It:
For those in Europe, if you already know you want some, you can use this link to get 10% off, shipping from the UK: 

Let me know if you have any questions...
Happy Training!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mothering, Running and Racing

Wow, life is moving so fast now! It's the middle of October and my little one is almost 15months. She's walking, talking and discovering new things daily. She's really keeping me busy and on my toes. But, I'm so happy and love that she's in my life! Finding the balance between mothering and running is actually going pretty well. I really wanted to try and have a full racing season but I think my season is over for the year and I'm happy that I got to race when I did. I had a decent year coming back after pregnancy, so for that I'm grateful. Overall, I feel pretty good about my successes and even better than that, I feel I'm recovered. I'm not suffering from any overuse injuries like I did a few years ago nor do I have any lingering problems from pregnancy. I feel like post baby, I'm a stronger runner. And, that is actually why I wanted to write this post. Some people have asked me about getting back out there and how I go about doing it. The questions made me evaluate myself and analyze what I do that may be a little different from what others are doing.

There are a couple things I do that I think have contributed to me being able to get back on the trails and even be competitive again. For one, I eat healthy. I try and choose organic, natural and fresh foods. I don't eat processed meats, canned foods or premade meals of any kind. I don't ever snack on junk food but will occasionally eat a piece of chocolate, have some ice cream or have a piece of cake that a co-worker brings into the office.

2. DRINKING: And no, I don't mean adult beverages. I'm talking about drinks throughout the day. I pretty much only drink water. I NEVER drink sodas, rarely drink juice or sports drink and sometimes drink a coffee (1 time a day for the past....I'd say, ummm 15 months now)

I make time to practice. I fit my training into my day in some way or least most of the time. There are days where it just doesn't work out and that is ok but for the most part, I make it work. I do the work. Like that gotta work, work, work, work, work!

I use a couple different products that I feel either help me recover faster or help me while I'm training. First, I use Young Living oils on my skin everyday. I make my own blend that I feel helps provide me with some beneficial qualities for recovery as well as for energy. Peppermint is one I use a lot that gives me energy. I use it throughout my day when I'm feeling a bit tired and right before going on a run. My second aide is coffee! When all else fails...I drink a cup of coffee and boy does that wake me right up and gives me the motivation I need to get out the door and train. The third aide I use is Tailwind nutrition. Man, I love this's amazing. I've been using it for almost 4 years now and I have really seen a huge difference. On long runs/races I don't suffer from stomach problems that I used to and I also no longer suffer from Exertional rhabdomyolysis like I did in the past.

This is one area that I know is so important to fit in but sometimes I find is the area that I lack in. I like to do 1 session of yoga a week as well as one session of my personally designed circuit workout. Yoga usually takes an hour while my circuit strength training only takes about 20 mins (but I feel the soreness for days).

My workout:
100 total reps broken into 4 sets of 25
Lunges holding 8lbs dumbells
Ab Roller
Squats holding 30lb kettle bell 
Kettle bell swings 30lb bell

I get "body work" done about once a week. I really feel this is important because it helps alleviate soreness and tightness that I may be having. Getting a massage is not only good for the physical body but also for the mind. These are not the kind of massages that you fall asleep in though. I'm talking about deep tissue, working out issues before they arise kind of massage. Which leads me to the final thing that I think helps contribute to my success and that is....

I make sure and get my rest. I used to get about 8-9 hours a night but now I'm happy with 6-7. It's enough to let my body recover and for me to feel fresh again.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and am happy to answer any questions!

Friday, September 2, 2016

VO2 Max Testing

Wow, that was so much fun! I was so excited before the VO2 max test that I felt like I had drank 2 cups of coffee even though I only had water. It was such an adrenalin rush! I had to fast before the test, only drink that is just another example that proves the body is an amazing thing! I had the jitters all from excitement!

The whole thing only took about 30 minutes. First, I sat down with the PT Sarah, she took my blood pressure, then she ran an ultra-sound body fat analyzer on me. After that, we discussed the speed that I would want to max out at. She said normally for athletes they choose 8.7 miles per hour but that is around a 6:50 mile pace and since I had just did around that pace for my half marathon she thought we should go to 10mph. It was all so exciting! She and I both agreed that my max heart rate is actually higher than the calculation of 220-age but that is what she would have to use as the basis for the test. So, the plan was, I'd start off walking on the treadmill and then she would increase the speed until I reached 10mph and then at that point she would start to increase the incline. She told me to look at the chart on the wall and to let her know once I reached "10 - Feeling Nauseous" After the plan was laid out, she fitted me with a heart-rate monitor and a mask. Then I got on the treadmill and the test began.

It only lasted about 10 mins. At first, I was at a walking pace, just to make sure the heart rate monitor was capturing the data. Then she moved the speed up to 6.7, then after a minute or two she moved it up again, and then after another minute she sped it up again and again until I reached 10mph. I ran at this pace for another minute or so then she increased the incline to 01, at this point she told me that I was around 91% of my max heart rate. Then she increased the incline to 02. Once max heart rate was reached, the test was over. I never felt nauseous or saw stars, which she had warned me might happen.

My VO2 Max results = 68.5%...not Kilian Jornet good but still good :) Check out this:

Body Fat % = 13.9%

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mothers, Make YOU a Priority Too!

When you become a mother, lots of things change. One of the biggest changes is the amount of love you feel for that little person. It's absolutely amazing! But, along with the love, comes an overwhelming feeling to devote all your resources into taking care of them. Everything is about them. So much, that I think sometimes it's easy for us to forget that we are also important and as a result, forget to focus on our health and physical fitness.

The point I want to make today is that you need to make time for yourself and you shouldn't feel guilty for doing so. I believe that setting some time aside each day or a couple times a week to take care of you, is necessary. Don't underestimate the power physical health has on all aspects of your life. Having the ability to take control your physical health will make you feel wonderful and if you feel good, you will be able to better deal with the daily stresses that motherhood brings. Also, by taking the time to work on your fitness, you are setting an example for your children to follow. Be that example. 

Make time for you, make it a priority because YOU are a priority. If you haven't already worked physical fitness into your daily routine, start now! I promise you, you will love the result.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ramstein Half Marathon 2016

I ran the Ramstein Half Marathon this past weekend and took the opportunity to get a Personal Record...I wanted to try and stay around a 4:20 per km pace. I went out a little fast but after a couple kilometers I calmed myself down and got in a comfortable pace. Around the halfway point I started to feel a blister form on my heal. I don't normally get blisters but I was wearing a pair of road shoes that I hardly ever wear since I rarely run on roads.

The course is a pretty neat course. It's flat and takes you around the flight line on base. There are two turn around spots that are cool because it has you run by all the other runners in an out and back fashion. Speaking of the other awesome were they! I got lots of cheers and support along the way and it really made me happy. I heard things like, "you go girl", "you're in the top 10...get those guys", "Girl Power!" and so many other motivating words. I also enjoyed cheering the other guys and girls was fun :) I also enjoyed seeing some friends out there and it brought me pleasure to know they were pushing themselves to achieve success in their own personal challenge.

I reached the end as the first female with a time of 1:31:11, a new PR for me :) Whoo hooo! Congrats to all the runners who ran and finished.

Photo credit: A1C Savannah Waters

Photo credit: A1C Savannah Waters

Photo credit: A1C Savannah Waters

My photo of Addie :)

Getting my award

1st Place Female

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Scott Rock the Top - Zugspitz Trailrun Challenge

Oh boy, do I have a story. First, I have to say that I almost didn't even start the race. I woke up that morning totally exhausted and it took all I had to force myself to get out there.

The day before the race, we took a half day off of work so that we could get on the road by 12:30 for our 4/5 hour drive down to Garmisch. We had a lot of last minute things that needed to be accomplished but we got on the road by 12:45...not bad. What was bad, was the drive down there. We hit so many Stau (German word for traffic jam) and ultimately it set us back 2 hours. We ended up arriving in Garmisch at 20:00, just one hour before the race registration booth closed. I picked up my bib and then we grabbed a bite to eat because neither of us had eaten a real meal since breakfast. We decided to eat at a middle eastern restaurant which I was a little weary about but the food looked amazing so I decided to take a was delicious! While we were eating, our phones were going off with family, friends and co-workers asking if we were ok because there had been a shooting in Munich. By the time we were done with dinner it was already 22:30 so we headed to the Edelweiss Lodge which is the U.S. Military Lodge and Resort to check-in to our campsite. Once at the campsite, we set up our bivy's...Addie and I would sleep in mine and Bj would sleep in his. This was going to be an experiment because not only was it Adelaide's first time camping but I was expecting her to sleep in my bivy with me. We laid down around 23:30, I could already tell it wasn't going to work because the two of us were trying to sleep on a single air-mat and whenever she would fidget (which was a lot) she would slide off and each time she fell off, she would start crying. Somehow we both fell asleep before midnight. But, at 01:30 I was woken by her scream and before I knew it she was trying to stand up in the bivy and was freaking out because there was no room for her to do so. It was a mess! I woke Bj up and told him that I couldn't sleep with her in the bivy and I asked him if he would set up the tent. Instead, he suggested that we lay the back seat down in the car and I lay my air-mat on it. So, after pulling everything out of the car to include the baby's car-seat we were able to lay the mat down and Addie and I slept (not well, but we slept). We still tossed and turned throughout the next several hours. Every time she would move, she would slide off of the mat.

04:45 came way too early. When my alarm woke me up, I considered just turning it off and going back to sleep but instead I forced myself to get up. I started to get ready out of the trunk of the car and woke Bj up around 05:00. As I was getting my gear together he came over to the car and I told him that I didn't think I wanted to start the race. I just felt horrible, I hadn't gotten much sleep and I was so tired. He said ok and that he would put up the tent so I could go back to sleep...but after about a minute of debating in my head, I yelled over to him that I was going to run. We ended up leaving the campsite by 05:30 to head to the start of the race which was about a half hour away. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have any breakfast so I was super hungry on the drive there. We arrived Ehrwald (the start) at 05:55, 5 mins before the start...just in time.

I got into the shoot and politely nudged my way up to the front, but not too close because I wanted to ensure that I would run my own race and not get caught up in the excitement. The countdown started and before I knew it, we were off!

At first I felt terrible. My legs were so heavy, I felt like each one was 200lbs each. Around 4km, I wanted to quit. I really thought to myself, this isn't your's ok to drop. Three girls had passed me but two of them were directly in front of me. I was still running the runable up-hills but my legs felt like lead. After about 7km I started to feel a little better. I decided to push myself past the two girls in front of me and took advantage of my downhill running ability. The terrain at this point was messy. It was a wet, mushy cattle path with lots of mounds and holes that you had to try not to step in or you could break an ankle. Oh yeah and I should mention lots of cow poop. Luckily, I gained a little bit of distance on the girls, not much but a little. When we got to the first checkpoint, I hurried up and got water and was on my way. No time wasted. Somewhere around the halfway point spectators told me that the first woman was only about 3 mins ahead of I pushed it. I ran whenever the grade wasn't crazy steep and before I knew it I passed her. I happened to run by her on a downhill and it was right before the second checkpoint. I still had plenty of water and nutrition so I didn't stop at that checkpoint. I just kept running.

Somewhere around the 25km mark I was heading up the mountain again and ended up passing a guy who was taking a break. He told me that I was the first woman and said something like "you can do it!". Not long after that, he was behind me and I asked if he wanted to go around me and he responded with "no", he said whenever he is in front, he can't control himself and goes too fast so he wanted to stay behind me. We ended up talking and running together for the rest of the race. Johannes was his name. As the kilometers went on, I learned all about him. He was a super nice guy, a teacher from a town not so far away. He told me all about the different sports he had done and how in January he became a father for the first time. We talked about how much fun and stressful it can be to have a baby but also that we wouldn't change it for anything. At this point, I was really happy to have someone to talk to me because I was suffering quite a bit from blisters on the tops of my toes. They were really hurting with every downhill step I took. Johannes asked me if I wanted to use his tape but I didn't want to stop so I told him, maybe later. Luckily, most of the race took place going uphill so the pain would subside enough to give me a break. Every downhill step though, felt like my toes were on fire! With every step, my foot would shift in my shoe and the tops of my toes would rub the blisters that I knew were broken open and raw.

About 5km out I was running in a group of about 3 or 4 guys. Sometimes I would pass them and then sometimes they would pass me. Somewhere around here we crossed from Austria into Germany and ran over the most dangerous section of the race which had us running on a narrow path with via feratta on one side and the mountain edge on the other. As we approached the final checkpoint which was at Knorr Hut, I had to hurry, fill my pack with water, grab a gel with caffeine and then go on my way. I wanted to wait for my new friend but I just had to keep moving. I was fearful the women behind me would be coming up soon so I just left the checkpoint while they stayed to refuel. I knew the they wouldn't be far behind me but, I couldn't wait...I needed to finish. The final push was tough but then again, so was the whole race. But, with it being mid-day the sun was out in full force. I was pretty hot but all I could think about was that the race was mine. The feeling I had as I approached the top was awesome...I knew I was the first woman. As I rounded the top of Sonnalpin, I heard my name and looked over to see Bj and my baby girl. I was so happy to see them but I had to cross the finish line before I could celebrate. As I approached the finish line, I think I surprised them because they were not ready for me. I saw one girl scrambling to get the banner up but she was trying to do it alone and it wasn't working out well for her so I just crossed the finish line anyway. I was so happy to have come in first place that I didn't care about the banner. One girl placed the medal around my neck and then they asked if I would run back I did. At that point I was just so happy that I didn't mind running back around to get a photo with the banner! As I was walking out of the shoot, some young boy wanted a photo with me so I stopped while his mother took the picture. Then I was approached by several people, asking questions and then requesting a few minutes for an interview. Around that time I saw my beautiful baby girl and her smile just filled me with so much more happiness! It was all surreal.

Overall, it was a super tough marathon. Lots and lots of climbing. I felt strong except for the blisters on my feet. I would definitely go back and do it again. The course was beautiful, the views were amazing and I love the climbing. My Strava showed a distance of 47.3km with 3,751m of elevation gain. For my American friends, that is 28.9 miles with 12,306ft of elevation gain ;)

Not a bad ending to what started off to be a horrible beginning. A lesson I learned from this run was no matter what, go out and give it a shot, you might surprise yourself. I really didn't think the race would go well but after a couple hours I warmed up and was happy to be out there. Once again, I kept telling myself...I'm right where I want to be!
My sleep the night before the start

And Up...

And Up...The climb makes you feel ALIVE!

View from the top -

Cool shot by

View from the top!

The Finish Line

Pure Happiness :)

1st :) :)

Me and MY WORLD!


Awards Ceremony :)

You can check out my Strava here:

Here are some other sites I was mentioned in :)

- The photo story

Friday, July 15, 2016

Rock the Top - Just a Week Away

I'm actually pretty excited about my next race... It's only a little over a marathon in distance but the elevation that we will climb...yikes!!! I really don't know much about the race except, it is called Rock the Top, Zugsptiz Trailrun Challenge put on by Scott, this is the 3rd year running and it is 43,5km with 3965m of elevation. That is a lot of climbing in a short distance. Plan B is the organization that puts this race, they are the same organization that puts on Zugspitz Ultratrail and I think they do a fantastic job.

Anyway, I'm not sure how long it will take me. I guess in the past the winning female won it in around 6 I guess I'm shooting for somewhere around there.

We plan on camping out that weekend in Garmisch and I'm excited because it will be Addie's first time camping! Should be fun :)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Post Race Reflections

As I lay here recovering from my race I can't help but be a little sad that it is behind me. I'm not going to write a long race report since I'm not that great at them anyway. I just want to reflect a little :)

I was so nervous going into this race and had some reservations since I didn't get to put in a lot of long training runs but I did it! I ran the whole race feeling strong and healthy. My strategy going into it was to just run my own race, go off of feel and don't let myself get caught up in the excitement. I executed the plan perfectly. I felt great the whole time. There was one section around 40km that my inner thighs started to cramp up simultaneously but a nice guy handed me a jar of salt and told me to take some...and I just kept moving. I think because I didn't stop moving, they loosened up. The only places I stopped moving forward was at checkpoints other than that, if I was on runnable terrain, I ran and if I was climbing, I power hiked. I kept moving forward.

The race itself is amazing...very well organized, nice volunteers/organizers and beautiful landscape right in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. You really couldn't ask for more. The first 50km were pretty tough, we climbed to the highest point of the race in the first half. It sleated on us up at the top and on the way down we had to run on huge patches of snow. People were sliding all over the place, it was awesome. The  views up at the top though, they were amazing! I kept telling myself, I'm right where I want to be...and I was. 

When I arrived at V5, I had to feed Addie (since I'm still breastfeeding) so I took a little longer than I would have liked but it had to be done. But, while I was feeding her, my crew filled my pack, taped my feet so I could hurry and get back on the trail.

It took me 15:35:07hrs to run 103km with over 5400 vertical meters, I finished 3rd overall. From V2 all the way to the finish the volunteers and some spectators kept telling me I was in second...but I knew the first place girl was a women from Sweeden named Berglund because people kept telling me, so it surprised me when I passed Ildiko Wermescher soon after V5 (checkpoint 5). I thought there was only one woman in front of me but apparently there were two. I stayed in front of her until right before V8 where she ran past me, I caught up to her to try and chat a bit but I don't think her English was very strong because she didn't want to talk. I ended up passing her again before V8 but as I was refueling she left the checkpoint a few minutes before me and in the end she finished 16 minutes ahead of me. The winner for the women's field was amazing, her name is Kristin Berglund and she finished 2:14hr before me...very impressive! And, when I met her on the podium we spoke briefly afterward and she seemed super sweet.

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better day. I had the best support crew. They had a sign made with my picture on it and everywhere I saw the sign, I knew my crew was around. They were motivating, supportive and it meant so much to have them out there helping me. 

Now, what am I going to do next? I'm not really sure. What I do know is today I'll rest, tomorrow I'll run...maybe ;)

Thanks again to everyone who supported me along the way. It means so much to me!

Photo credit: Angela Hampton - Checkpoint V2

Photo credit: Philipp Reiter - somewhere in between checkpoint V3 and V4

Photo credit: Owen Olsen - V5: Feeding Addie

Photo credit: Owen Olsen - V5: 5 mins to feed my baby

Photo credit: Owen Olsen - V5 Getting my feet taped up

 Photo credit: Jochen Hauser - Running in front of Ildiko Wermescher and I didn't even know it!

 Photo credit: Jochen Hauser - Almost to checkpoint V8

 Photo credit: Jochen Hauser - finished :)

Photo credit: Angela Hampton - Me after I finished :)

Photo credit: Owen Olsen - Women's podium Zugspitz Ultra Trail