Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mothers, Make YOU a Priority Too!

When you become a mother, lots of things change. One of the biggest changes is the amount of love you feel for that little person. It's absolutely amazing! But, along with the love, comes an overwhelming feeling to devote all your resources into taking care of them. Everything is about them. So much, that I think sometimes it's easy for us to forget that we are also important and as a result, forget to focus on our health and physical fitness.

The point I want to make today is that you need to make time for yourself and you shouldn't feel guilty for doing so. I believe that setting some time aside each day or a couple times a week to take care of you, is necessary. Don't underestimate the power physical health has on all aspects of your life. Having the ability to take control your physical health will make you feel wonderful and if you feel good, you will be able to better deal with the daily stresses that motherhood brings. Also, by taking the time to work on your fitness, you are setting an example for your children to follow. Be that example. 

Make time for you, make it a priority because YOU are a priority. If you haven't already worked physical fitness into your daily routine, start now! I promise you, you will love the result.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ramstein Half Marathon 2016

I ran the Ramstein Half Marathon this past weekend and took the opportunity to get a Personal Record...I wanted to try and stay around a 4:20 per km pace. I went out a little fast but after a couple kilometers I calmed myself down and got in a comfortable pace. Around the halfway point I started to feel a blister form on my heal. I don't normally get blisters but I was wearing a pair of road shoes that I hardly ever wear since I rarely run on roads.

The course is a pretty neat course. It's flat and takes you around the flight line on base. There are two turn around spots that are cool because it has you run by all the other runners in an out and back fashion. Speaking of the other runners...how awesome were they! I got lots of cheers and support along the way and it really made me happy. I heard things like, "you go girl", "you're in the top 10...get those guys", "Girl Power!" and so many other motivating words. I also enjoyed cheering the other guys and girls on...it was fun :) I also enjoyed seeing some friends out there and it brought me pleasure to know they were pushing themselves to achieve success in their own personal challenge.

I reached the end as the first female with a time of 1:31:11, a new PR for me :) Whoo hooo! Congrats to all the runners who ran and finished.

Photo credit: A1C Savannah Waters

Photo credit: A1C Savannah Waters

Photo credit: A1C Savannah Waters

My photo of Addie :)

Getting my award

1st Place Female