Thursday, February 13, 2014

Excited about TGC :)

With being just a little over 2 weeks before my first race of the season I'm filled with excitement and nervousness. 

I've ran TransGranCanaria twice now and both times it has been completely different. In 2012 we started in Maspalomas and ran to Las Palamas. In 2013 we started in Agaete and ran to Las Palamas. This year they have changed the course once again just to keep us on our toes! The 2014 course has us running from Agaete to Maspalomas which seems to be a very scenic and tough route.

Even though I've raced this race in the past the unknown still scares me a bit. I have always felt that I'm not as prepared for this race because it is early in the season but at least this year I've been able to train better with the milder winter conditions we've had. I also still have a bad case of Plantar Faciiatis in my left foot but I've been really trying to do all I can to speed up the healing process. I'm using KT tape, wearing a night brace, using a tennis ball and icing. The only thing that seems to really be helping is taking my daily dose of Vitamin I (a term I learned from my friend Trail Plodder for Ibphrofen). Hopefully, I will be better soon!

All in all, I cannot wait for this race and hope that I perform to the best of my ability! I'm also looking forward to meeting up with some running friends and meeting new ones. 

Keep running strong, eating well and loving life!